Who is Yellow Hibiscus?

We Are We
We are an up start gallery focused on providing our customers with a platform for accessing and acquiring original works of art from emerging artists. Our story is quite unique in the sense that we are artistic souls without the required talent to create our visions, as such we’ve contented our selves with discovering amazing artist and sharing them with you..

The Idea.
Our original idea was to create a site to showcase art sourced from contemporary African Artist. As we begun our research and to develop our vision, we realized that our idea could also serve the needs of local artist who were looking to connect with customers without the need to go through the traditional gallery system its many gate keepers. We expanded our plans and are now poised to help you discover and learn about our cohort of supremely talented artist, and to provide you with the opportunity to acquire some unique pieces that will become the corner stone of your art collection for years to come.


Business Director
Our Business Director and founder, likes to think of himself as a natural born artist. An attorney by training, he’s been known to dabble in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A self styled renaissance man, he’s been the biggest cheerleader for Yellow Hibiscus Gallery and has spent countless sleepless nights worrying about every thing that could wrong and finding solutions to help ensure that your experience discovering the perfect art piece goes without a hitch.


Creative Director
Our Creative Director and website designer is a true renaissance woman. She has an extensive background in sales, marketing and customer service. She is currently a web and graphic designer and loves to produce beautiful works for print and the web. In addition to her role as our creative director, she freelances as a web designer in her spare time and maintains a visually stunning blog over at www.ohshirl.com.