Nii Narku Thompson

Nii Narku Thompson

The canvas is where I express my deepest emotions, thoughts, and experiences.”  

Nii Narku Thompson (“Nii Narku” or “Nii”) is a quiet man.  He rarely speaks, but that is because he’s always observing, and taking inspiration from his environment.  For him, there’s no need to talk; the texture of his ideas and the layers on his canvas is all he needs to connect with the world. 

Nii Narku was born in Accra, Ghana, into an artistically inclined family.  For Nii, the age-old question of nature versus nurture, when it comes to the origins of his talent is simple, its genetics.  With the encouragement and support of his father he nurtured his skills, then enrolled and graduated from Ghanatta College of Art and Design in Ghana.  After graduating, Nii attempted to work as a full time artist, but soon pivoted to a different career in order to sustain himself.  During this period in his life, Nii took a hiatus from painting, and pursued other passions.  One such passion was football (soccer).  He loved the game so much that he’d wake up early in the morning to watch a local team practice on the beach near his family home.  It was during one such spectating session that it hit him, he was wasting his time and energy watching other people pursue their passions, while his talents went unused. He decided then and there to return to painting and to re-dedicate himself to his craft. 

Over the past couple of years, Nii’s works have been exhibited in Ghana, Italy and in the United States.  His works explore universal themes of culture, race, politics and religion.  While he doesn’t talk much in person, he hopes to communicate and connect with the world and to create a relationship with viewers that transcends beyond the canvas.

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