Bari Kwaning

Bari Kwaning

Bari Kwaning (“Bari”) is a young African millennial who is coming of age in the era of the internet and social media.  Currently, Bari is studying architecture at Ghana’s Central University College (Accra, Ghana).  

His interest in art was noticed at a very early age and nurtured by his parents. Even though he took a four year break from painting during his high school years, Bari's love for art did not wane.  During his first year in college, he picked up his brush and has continued to paint ever since.

Although Bari is in the process of completing a demanding degree in architecture, he still finds time to exercise his artistic inclinations.  In his mind, architecture and art are symbiotic.  Which means that he can draw inspiration from both.  True to form, his current cohort of work believes this dual interest.

Though his professional journey has just begun, Bari is already pushing boundaries with his multi-media work.  His mixture of traditional Ghanaian art and motifs, and recycled materials is bold and refreshing.  In the near future, Bari plans to travel extensively through Ghana, especially in the northern region of Ghana, and to continue exploring the country’s rich indigenous artistic traditions.  He will also take the opportunity to learn more about local materials that he plans to incorporate into his future projects.  He is well on his way to achieving his goal of “add[ing] value to underappreciated local objects, materials and traditions."

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