Announcing YHGallery On Youtube!

2020. What a year!! You know what they say - "the best laid plans of mice and men, often goes awry."

Pre-COVID, we'd all be out and about enjoying summer, hangin our with friends, and Team YH would be in the midst of planning aYH event right about now.  Since all our spring and summer plans have been thrown out the window, tis the season to be creative. 

We here at YH have been challenged to find additional ways to showcase our collections and to deliver more engaging content to you.  Here goes!!!

We've launched a YouTube page!!! 

Here are a few of our early videos.  Enjoy!!!!

"Touch My Heart" by Clement Laryea
Dimension:  40" x 50"
Medium:  Acrylic on canvas


YH Studio Visit with Clement Laryea
Video by SpeakLife Studios

"Things Unfold" poem by Fausto Manuel Ramos
Inspired by Fausto's piece "Things Unfold"

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