Confessions from the YH Team

Confession!  We here at Yellow Hibiscus Gallery have been wrestling with the challenge of translating the feeling of connecting with a painting in real life to connecting with one in virtual reality.  Yes, we understand that nothing beats real life, but our whole business model is premised on the theory that we can simulate that lovely feeling one gets when one falls in love with a painting. And, yes, we believe that at this point in time, you, our customers are so comfortable with making purchases online that you will be willing to join us on this journey as a we seek to disrupt the art market.  Now, all this highfalutin talk sounds good, but maybe, all you want to know is how good our pieces will look on your walls.  Well, you are in luck.  If you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you may have a preview to our answer.  

We've created mock ups of what our pieces would look like in your home.  [Disclaimer here, we've previously shared these mock ups with our social media followers.  We got a lot of positive feedback and so on this #tbt, we thought we'd share them again.]   

We hope you enjoy them!  And as you discover pieces you like, do us a favor, admire then collect them! ?

Grace Drome on your wall

 "Until Completion"

"Oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood" - Nina

 Imperfectly Perfect Monroe!

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